Working On-Line: More to word processors and spreadsheets

Bruce Byfield has interesting article in featuring hands-on comparison of four on-line wordprocessors: specifically ajaxWrite, ThinkFree Online, Writely, and Zoho Writer. I do not 100% agree with all his conclusions, but it’s interesting and worth reading if you are exploring these tools. I am certainly staying with Writely, right now I am using it on daily basis. Combination of WriteRoom for off-line concepts and “thinking phase” of writing and Writely for on-line editing, adding links, etc fits ideally my needs.

Regarding spreadsheets, Excellery seems to be addressing the shared pain of all on-line spreadsheet – which is need for connectivity. They claim that you can work on-line or off-line and synchronize. Sounds pretty good – I’ll give it a try !

This article in Web Worker Daily talks about on-line spreadsheets as well as Forbes – which happens to nominate (my favorite) Google on-line spreadsheet to be the winner !

Good choice, guys !

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