Moved in …

I have been pretty quiet in last few days. The reason why was hinted here – we have finally a space. The project started on Monday and we were running around like crazy since Sunday. Started with moving in looots of boxes – 9 workstations, each with two 19″ LCD monitors plus three servers, network gears, cables etc – three full cars. Then came the unpacking and setting up, which took much longer time that I would ever have expected. But it went well – modulo few glitches – like missing DVI cables and only one disk in server that should have been RAID-ed …

The new workstations are *really* nice, dual core AMD’s with 2 GB RAM, dual DVI card with double monitors – fast like hell and very very quiet. RB Computing did an excellent job once again – thanks Rob, we’ll be back. I think that the people on the team like it too – as Vlad put it, “this is the first time in 6 years that I have better computer at work than at home”.

The location itself is pretty interesting. Building at 349 Terry Fox is full of startups, in various stages of development, financing or bankrupcy. All the time somebody is moving, walls are being built and torn down and you can find people at work after 1 AM. The place has it’s own atmosphere and spirit, maybe closer to university than to a corporate building … What is very good is parking – no more cruising around as at 555 Legget and waiting until sombody leaves. And of course view of a golf course. What is also perfect is that Tirestamp office is across the street – at 350 Terry Fox. It makes my life so much easier as I am involved in both projects …

While I was busy with getting things up, few nice things happens out there – like new IPods, especially the new Nano’s – I’ll wait if the issue with scratching are solved with the new surface and then get one for audiobooks. Also the iTV is very tempting with the price tag < $300, albeit the user interface looks a hell lot like Window Media Center. Is the similarity just an accident or (as Scobleizer thinks) did Apple for a change copied Microsoft ? Honestly – I do not really care. The iTV is a device that looks pretty good, offers very interesting features and if it is really quiet, I will buy one. The only confusing part is the name – why did Apple chose a name that is already taken ?

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