Few new links from my del.icio.us collection

According Forrester reseach “.. the Web will fade. It will be replaced by a new software paradigm”. Nobody knows what this new paradigm will be, but these guys are saying that it will be their platform. I found this link from this very interesting two part article making interesting analogy between Google and AOL business model, browser as a platform and possible return of thick client (“smart client” in Microsoft terms), why Google might want to buy Adobe and many other interesting observations. Worth reading.

This blog contains tons of interesting information about Mail app functionality. Very interesting (if you have Mac).

Library thing is fascinating site about books – it searches Amazon, the Library of Congress and 60 other world libraries and allows browse informations about books, authors , organizing books, making your own collections and following suggestions – “if you liked this book, you may like these as well” type of thing. A very nice idea are also “unsuggestions” – if you liked X you will hate Y. For example, if you liked “The code book” by Simon Singh (as I certainly did), you will hate The Pilots Wife and about 25 other books. Cannot confirm – I have not read any of them 🙂

Interesting article on synchronization between Outlook, GMail and iPod – something I need spend some time thinking about soon.

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