India Time Zone mystery solved

It happened few times in past few months: using Google to find out what is the time in Bombay or New Delhi, I used the search phrase “India time zone” and got two types of results. One was referring to the India Time zone as UTC+9hrs and the other was giving the correct answer – UTC+5:30. I know that whole India is in single time zone and this time zone is 5.5 hours before GMT. What did the UTC+9 mean ?
As I found out, the India in India time zone is not the India as a country, but military spelling of the time zone for letter I. The military uses letters to label time zone, starting with GMT or UTC being the Zero Meridian or Z time zone – spelled as Zulu time. Then going East, the zones go A, B, C – spelled as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta – up to the letter I which is spelled as India. West from Zulu you start with N, O, P – or November, Oscar, Papa … Up to March 11 we were living in Romeo time zone, now we moved to Quebec time zone (again, nothing to do with La belle province, just spelling of Q)

Btw, the military codes have their own “loopback” or “localhost” – the letter J refers to local time zone 🙂

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