DHH is (obviously) David Heinemeier Hansson (the creator of Rails) and RIA (in this context) means Rich Internet Applications. And here is the quote:

I think there’s always room for new ideas, but I don’t think that the whole fuss that’s currently going on about RIA, rich Internet applications, is justified. I think we’ve been through this cycle so many times before that it in some ways amazes me how history seems to be ignored. We went through this with Java applets, they were going to rule the Web. Everything was going to be in a Java applet. HTML and CSS is history. And Flash came around, and Flash started focusing on applications. Now Flash is going to rule the Web and HTML and so on is yesterday. Now, Silverlight, Apollo, JavaFX, they’re all bidding to take over the JavaScript, HTML and CSS [spaces], and I just don’t buy it. I don’t buy that developers by and large are going to jump into a proprietary technology and replace what HTML and CSS has given them.

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One Comment on “DHH on RIA”

  1. atulabraham Says:

    well DHH, your right, all the flashing bulbs and the noise cant replace a solid B Plan — and a truly solid B plan cant be made to serve the loudest new technology- it happens the other way around, imho – fact is Silicon Valley being in California and all a certain vanity / pomposity has eaten its way into peoples livs cos now a devloper ca show the Average Joe why he is driving a Porsche by devloping a website that whistles and jumps, earlier the devloper´s work was burined under layers of security or was at best un – interesting – an ATM, a baggage scanner, the PC changed all that …

    the PC also allowed devlopers to compete, in fact PC culture enables competition cos it showcases the pervasiveness of the PC, Macs and unix machines were and are largely still used for work –

    all said and done, im just waiting on Adobe to see what they do now – they are taking P Shop online and opening the FLASH libraries … i think they will now encourage companies to build applications that tie in to the Connect Platform via Illustrator and InDesign, ie. instead of doing what MSFT is doing, owning the businesses that could / will / are make-ing money and shoving garbage down peoples ´throats they will opt to support businesses that choose to build on their platforms –

    MSFT is scaring people into working with them while atleast until now Adobe is exciting people to wan to work with it

    as start up i have experienced what its like to be an MSFT client and what it is like to be an Adobe client, the former stll behave as if they own the world, the latter, far as i can tell, want to work with their clients meeting them half way whenever they can, maybe it has to do with the size difference, but then again if Adob can get MSFT to wan to ape Flash they must be doing something right.

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