Strange charging behaviour of Sony Reader

Despite pretty impressive battery life – which is btw *nowhere* in the range of advertised 7500 page turns – over period of few months I have noted that the charging of the reader behaves kind of funny. Sometimes, even after being plugged-in for 24 hours, the battery indicator stubbornly stays on two squares out of four. Other times, right after connecting, it jumps right to full charge.

It is hard to really measure these things as the battery depletion is very slow on reading and I do not really listen to music on this device (that’s what iPods are for). I am not the only person who noticed this behaviour – Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte, who enhanced my favorite podcast Security Now!  to be an unofficial eBook Sony Reader news exchange 🙂 have seen the same thing (search for Sony). Btw, Steve and Leo – thanks for doing the eBooks plugs – I appreciate that a lot …

One possible explanation is that the problem is more in indication, not in charging. The software running the Reader (Linux) may get confused about what is the actual state of the battery – because even if the charge shows one half, it does not seem like the battery was indeed half empty.

Maybe what would help is to create few charge-discharge cycles by running the MP3 player which should use the battery in matter of hours, not days. I will try it out when I get to it – unless the next software update fixes the flaw (if it indeed is a software problem).

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5 Comments on “Strange charging behaviour of Sony Reader”

  1. stephen Says:

    have had charging problems had reader plugged in all day but it has not charged or at least shows no charge? and is now stuck in the warnig! message and i can do nothing with reader seems like it is frozen? help!

    • Miro Says:

      Sorry, never seen anything like that happen. I would try to check the cables and reset the reader. Good luck.

  2. McKay Says:

    I’ve noticed the same problem … did you ever find a cause / explanation / resolution?

  3. Vito Says:

    I have the same problems with my PRS-600.

    I’ve left it connected to a mini-USB charger and after about 10 hours I found the battery completely drained. The same happens if I connect it to my computer’s USB port.
    Now, with a PSP-type charger, I can get the battery to charge to 3/4 but I cannot get a full charge.
    What’s the problem with these devices? Is Sony no more capable of making a simple battery charger circuit?
    I’m very disappointed.

  4. Francisc Says:

    I run into this problem. I’ve connected the reader to USB but led indicate no charge. Did you tried to reset it. Connect the reader to USB and while is connected do a reset. I found the answer here:
    A reset seams to solve the problem. Right now the reader is charging. Hope this help you.

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