Total Comander version 7.01 final is out

go and get it – at

It got nice visual upgrades – look and feel and icons are gently nicer and more XP-ish. Plus many other new features. Upgrade is still free for registered users.

If I should pick one single most useful program I ever used on any computer system, Total Commander would be clear winner. I do not remember when exactly I purchased the license – I guess sometimes around 1994-95, when it was named Windows Commander. Since that time, I was using it pretty much every day (except few short periods I was working exclusively on Unix). I still use it every working day (as I often spend weekends on Mac platforms).

Thanks, Mr. Ghisler. As you say in Switzerland – merci vielmals. The 40 Swiss franks spent on the Commander license back then was absolutely the best software purchase of last decade :-).

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One Comment on “Total Comander version 7.01 final is out”

  1. Milan Says:

    Miro, I absolutely concur with your opinion on Total Commander!
    It was the best investment in software I ever made – I bought it in 1997. I can hardly find any software to be used as often as this powerful tool.

    After years, it is nice to see the program still growing and maturing to user’s benefit – so many useful features for everyday’s work have been added into it.

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