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Today’s Blog of the Day is “The Reader”.

Everything about ebooks and readers – all the stuff I like. See at

Here I discovered that Sony is assumably preparing new version of reader – PRS 505. From the changes that should be included, none is IMHO really so important. The memory capacity of the reader with SD cards (which are reaching 8GB these days) is much bigger than you ever will need. If I should pick some enhancements hat would make a huge difference, it would be:

1) price. Make it accessible, meaning ~ 150 USD (which is about 145 CAD 🙂 – just kidding)

2) content – price and availability of books. The fair price for eBook should not be more than 30-40% of the paperback. Without DRM, of course. Who would want any DRM from the company with 2 rootkit fiasco’s in last 2 years (first and second) ?

3) Software – Sony please stop trying to create these terrible slow knock-off of iTunes, and outsource it to somebody that will write decent client, preferably in Java, so that it runs everywhere. Considering Sony’s software history, making it opensource would help to restore the trust …

Speaking of software, it should provide an easy way how to download and format RSS feed and web pages for offline reading, ideally again something in the way how iTunes handles podcasts.

I do not think that adding WiFi (what many people call for) will work on the eInk device – speed and lack of interactivity would allow to read only very static Web pages, and user input handling would be a big challenge.

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One Comment on “BOTD: The Reader”

  1. monteagle Says:

    I’m new to blogging and to ebooks. Went searching for help today because I have now had three Sony Reader screens crack on me. They exchanged the first two, but will not give me a refund. And they’re fighting me on the third one. I think the two replacements were refurb jobs that someone else already brought back.

    I feel like I’m stuck with Sony. Their prices are too high on ebooks compared to some other companies like Booksonboard and fictionwise. And when I tried to get help online and phone, it took them three days to get back to me. (The Booksonboard support people wrote me back on a Sunday morning to tell me they did not work with Sony. I’m not even their customer and they wrote me back in about 90 minutes on a weekend. I would bet anything they’re not as big or wealthy as Sony. Maybe the small companies try harder. Fictionwise wrote back in about four hours on a weekday which isn’t as good as the Booksonboard people, but still pretty good compared to Sony. I haven’t tried to write Fictionwise on a weekend.)

    Also, I thought Sony was giving me a deal with free books that came with the reader, but then I found out I can get half of them at Project Gutenberg – for free! (Felt a little ripped off. Would ahve been nice if Sony ahd at least gone to the trouble to do something more than just copy the Gutenberg stuff over – maybe some comments, etc, could have been added.)

    Sony also says it reads Adobe ebooks, but it does not work with Adobe ebooks at all, unless they’re unknonw books.

    I’m willing to pay for another reader if there are any good ones. But I desperately need a backlight and something sturdier = with cheaper books.

    I’m sure a lot of my concerns are because I’m not very tech savvy with ebooks so I should not judge the ebook companies until I understand it better. I just want some help. Any ideas would be terrific. Thanks, Monty

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