BOTD: Figuring out computer science

It is all about deep questions and problems computer science. Including the question whether such thing as computer science actually exists. I thing it does, but have occasional moments of doubts – mostly when I read something related to real science :-).

What does Andreas Zwinkau (it is read as ts-win-cow, my anglophone friends ;-)) think about it, can be found

His comments are amazingly deep for such a young guy. I wish when I was getting my comp-sci degree (1981-1986) we have had the same wonderful things these young fellas have now: ubiquitous internet and really world wide web with Google that actually makes it useful, Linux and many other wonderful open source projects (Apache, Jakarta, Firefox, Eclipse – you name it). Can you imagine studying computer science in a world where the Web does not exist (yet) ?

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One Comment on “BOTD: Figuring out computer science”

  1. Derek S Says:

    Wow! This kid is wise beyond his years! I have eligible daughters he should meet…. Thanks for the link Miro.

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