iPod touch – finally !

So, I have finally got it. Only the 8 GB version as the 16 GB were sold out, but I just could not wait for another week :-). After playing with it for about 1.5 hour, I like it even more. The readability of Safari Web sites is excellent – I started to put together some links. Did not try too many sites yet, but the Dzone reads OK :-). Also the PDF book reading is very good – but that is no news. I guess I will have to put up some internal Apache access to my PDF eBooks from my bed :-).

Wireless gets connected right away and works very good with WPA. Comapared to Macbook, the signal strength indicator shows less bars (about same as my Windows notebooks) – but is still reliable enough. The only partially weird thing with wireless is when you change networks, after return the Safari insisted for some time to keep the Bridghead WiFi address. Speaking of which – Bridgehead got major black point today, as their WiFi does not support Safari. I never noticed it with Macbook – as I used mostly Firefox, but now I have no choice ! I am going to test Zavida – another coffeeshop with free WiFi soon.

After I loaded podcasts, I went for a short 2 hour walk to test drive the iPod part of the gadget. Sound quality is hard to judge on spoken word. Leo sounded good as always and John C. Dvorak was as irresistibly cranky and funny as usual. Compared to my second gen Nano, the only disadvantage I have found so far is that you have actually look at the display when you need to stop play (in order to talk to somebody) or skip through the advertisement – whereas with clickwheel it can be done just by hand in your pocket.

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7 Comments on “iPod touch – finally !”

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  2. WTL Says:

    I can’t wait to see it eventually. πŸ˜‰

  3. PLH Says:

    You have no will power…

  4. andrew Says:

    is too big for a phone…a little nokia or s-e or motorola fits on my pokets but not a iphone.

  5. Joel Says:

    You know you’ra a fanboy when Apple can convince you to buy a cell phone that can’t make calls πŸ™‚

  6. Miro Says:

    It is a reader and player man, I hate phones πŸ™‚

  7. Joel Says:

    Alright, Alright I take it back. It’s pretty cool.

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