Oracle SQLDeveloper and mystery of the missing host

If you work with Oracle database, a very good tool you should not ignore is the Oracle SQL Developer. It gives you much more power when it comes to manipulating data or managing database. I use most of the time MyEclipseIDE plugins, but when I need e.g. export data, the SQLDeveloper is way to go.

Today I tried it for first time on the Mac. I started to configure and database connection and was completely confused by the error message “Port must contain numerical value”. Here was the dialog box:


I typed the hostname:1521 but the error message kept coming back. There was no obvious way how to put 3 values – host, port and SID into two field. After checking the documentation, I remembered that the Windows version did have 3 text fields instead of two.

What was the problem ? The layout manager in Java did unfortunately completely hide one of the 3 fields. After resizing the dialog, all fields would be visible:


After this, everything worked OK.

Obviously, Mac version of the SQLDeveloper could use some minor improvement. For example, the menu looks everything but like a finished Mac application:


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