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More on kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Error 302


A friend made me aware of this (thanks, Peter):

The Inside Deets on iPhone 2.0.2 and Dropped Calls

Sounds like plausible explanation.

It is not the network that is fault but the interaction of the bad
power control algorithm in 2.0 and 2.0.1 software and the network that
is at fault. The sooner everybody is running 2.0.2 software the better
things will be. Having seen the graphs the 2.0.2 software has already
started to make difference.

We are hiring


After everything-but-quiet summer, things got even busier and we need to add more great people to our teams.

At the moment we’re looking for

* Junior Java developers

* Intermediate Java developers

* Intermediate .Net developers

* Senior .Net developers

* Junior Graphics/UI/Multimedia Designer

Sorry – no teleworking, you must be local to apply. If you feel like fitting in – or know somebody in Ottawa that would fit, email Miro at thinknostic dot com …

Easy access to log files


Here is the scoop: I need to provide access to multiple log files spread across multiple directories of multiple machines. For example – the JBoss log files and nohup.out, ATG log files, and so on – so that the testers can see what happened on server side when something looks fishy on front end.

One option would be to write a document that contails IP’s of the machines, create user accounts, make sure that they have just enough access rights to see the files but not disturb anything else …

Other option is to leverage the already installed Python across all the servers. I wish it was Ruby, but one cannot have everything.

On each machine, I created directory – e.g. ~/webaccess and made symbolic links to all log files or log directories required. Then I placed this python script into the directory:


import SimpleHTTPServer
import SocketServer

# minimal web server.  serves files relative to the
# current directory.

PORT = 9999

Handler = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler

'': 'application/octet-stream', # Default
'.out': 'text/plain',
'.log': 'text/plain'
httpd = SocketServer.TCPServer(("", PORT), Handler)

print "serving at port", PORT

and started it as

nohup ./ &

From this moment on, all files linked (actually all files in subtree of server directory) are accessible by going to http://SERVERNAME:9999/ – which shows directory listing for linked files.

On one of the machine, I have placed additional file – index.html that contained links to all other server names.

Thanks to this page for inspiration.

The Things bliss


Finally – the new version of Things on iPhone can synchronize with Things on Mac desktop.

It actually works – no strings attached. Assumed that:

1) the WiFi on iPhone is on

2) iPhone and Mac are on same network (so that Bonjour magic can work)

3) the Mac Things is running when you start Things on iPhone

the synchronization happens automatically and is VERY fast (few seconds max).

Finally a portable GTD application that works for me :-).

PS: Things is very nice implementation of GTD. If you are not into GTD cult, do not bother – or try reading this, this and this first ….

Rogers, iPhone and the dreaded kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Error 302


Many people recently (including myself) had experiences difficulties with Web access on the iPhone. Quite often the following error message pops up:

Usually repeating the web page access helps. Sometimes you have to try third time or wait few minutes.

This has nothing to do with signal strenght – as you can see, there are 4 bars and 3G is on. I saw it happen on Edge as well. Reseting the phone sometimes helps, but it is hard to say whether because of the reset or time delay ..

Most people think this is network problem with Rogers data network and I tend to agree. If it was an iPhone or Safari issue, it would not go away with retrying – I think.

It also happens in more than just Safari: the weather does not get updates, Mail fails fetching the last state and so on.

Here are some threads on the issue:

It would not be first time when Rogers would be using paying customers as beta testers of the service. Few years back when hispeed internet was introduced, I remember frequent outages and spending time with their (not so great) techsupport. Eventually, they must have learned how to do it or build up capacities because it went away.

Let’s hope the same happens with the 3G data network. And it better happens quickly, because this service sucks, dear Rogers …

If you are seeing the same issue, please open the ticket with both Rogers and Apple (to create some pressure).

Linux vs Windows – great comparison


I have been “living in a command line” for last few weeks. Pretty refreshing experience. As result, I had to google a lot, especially when it comes to e.g. subtle differences between tar options on Ubuntu Linux and Open Solaris … While doing that, I somehow stumbled upon this great writeup on cultural differences between Linux and Windows. Nicely written, no flamewars – obviously pro-Linux, but no Microsoft or Windows bashing and lots of insight. Higly recommended.
I really liked the metaphor about Lego cars 🙂

iPhone 3G first impressions: Applications


Having used Touch 2.0, I managed not to install everything I found in AppStore. Majority of which is crap anyway – people are still learning how to use the platform properly. Pretty soon though, all those flashlights, tip calculators and similar pointless-ware will be replaced by apps that make sense. I hope.

Just for the reference: here is my iTunes snapshot as of today:

Some applications are pure time killers (when waiting in line and there is signal to read news online) but some are actually very useful. Few comments to those I actually use are below – actually, first three of the apps are below – I will get back to few more in subsequent posts:


This is Facebook as it should be. It actually made me come back to the Facebook. iPhone makes perfect device companion for social network sites: you can update your status in the moment when you actually doing something interesting and see your friends updates at any time, not just while sitting at the computer. You can take photos and upload them right away. And when you are bored or waiting, you can browse messages or pictures of the people you know. This is a good one – try it out:


Main reason I am mentioning it is that this was first app I bought while testing the AppStore purchase system ( the required $0.99 which is less than one half of Grande in Starbucks does not really create any entry barrier ;-)). I wish I had it with me when I was down in the USA last moth. My car does not have second circle for speed with the medevial units they still use I had to keep multiplying by 1.6 to make sure I am within speed limit …

Right now, there are just too many unit conversions, but this one does everything I need so I guess I am done with them all. Unless of course there will be an app written by somebody I know (hi Pero …).


Work of art. Simple, elegant, functional. Allows to pair the iPhone / iPod touch with one or more iTunes libraries on your Macs and use the device as remote control. No line of sight is required – but WiFi must be on. Good for practical jokes by changing somebody’s music 🙂

iTunes AppStore update chaos


I just noticed strange thing: it is most likely unrelated, but it happened right after installing 2.0.2 firmware.

The count of updates for AppStore applications is pretty chaotic. You can see different number of updates when looking into different parts of iTunes. I have noticed this cycle repeating for 9 updates, then 8 and so on – here is how it looked when I got down to 3 un-updated apps after few rounds.

The overview window shows 2 updates:

This is supported with the bottom-right information in the iTunes window:

But after I click on the arrow, here is the screen with ONE update:

However – right after clicking on AppStore -> Application updates in the navigation bar:

I get suddenly 3 updates. And Stanza is NONE of them:

So I update all applications, and number of updates indeed disappears:

So does the text in bottom right corner:

And finaly, everything is OK.

So – what was so special about Stanza ?

How to make screenshot of running application on iPhone 3G


It is sooo simple:

1) Run the app you want to get screenshot of

2) Press the home button at the same time as On button. Screen will flash white for a sec

3) Find the picture saved in your photos.

This is second amazing thing I have found out about iPhone in last few days. First was hidden button on the headphone mike that can start/stop running iPod music, pick up the ringing phone or (doubleclick) advance to next song. Very useful while walking …

Good hard shell case for iPhone 3G


After carrying in my pocket for 3 days, I have decided to get something to prevent my smallest Mac from scratches and breaking when drops (I did drop the iPod touch and it was close call: one of the edges was scratched and slightly damaged).

It took some time to decide, but at the end I settled for this one:

In white, of course. It is a bit tricky to put it on, but it feels very solid and does not slip.


I bought it in one of the two Montreal Apple Store for $24.95